Aboout the designer

Pascal Labelle;
The man behind the brand

Pascal Labelle, the man behind the brand of the same name, has been tailor-making exclusive coats since 2005. With his know-how and skill, he creates original coats to fit the characters and persons who wear them. Working mostly with leather, fur and cashmere, his designs are inspired by the stories and lifestyles brought to him by his clients. Pascal Labelle’s design-range knows no boundaries, from the high-powered career professional to real-life rock star. Each creation tells stories and symbolizes the essence of each client.

In 2017, Pascal Labelle launched the Pascal Labelle brand of personalized coats available online. Driven by the desire to offer personalized creations to a wider market and with the aim of broadening its product range; Pascal Labelle offers high-quality contemporary pieces fitted for an urban lifestyle. The mix of raw materials and various styles creates unique pieces that answers to the diversified needs of clients. The designer is proud of his Canadian origins, which is reflected in his creations. Authenticity and timelessness are two important qualities defining his art. After numerous years in the business, the designer continues his ascent in the fashion world, always aiming higher. Pascal Labelle surpasses all expectations.